Survival training

General Subjects

6 modules

60 minutes

Safety is everything in aviation, but if an accident does happen and there are survivors, then what...? Scandlearn created an in-depth Survival course that demonstrates how to survive a crash (landing) in an unknown environment until rescue comes.

In rare cases, a crash (landing) may unfortunately occur. Therefore it is vital to do everything to 1) crash land the plane as safe as possible; and 2) have adequate knowledge on how to survive after a crash, including first aid, finding food and clean water, and building shelter. Scandlearn’s course discusses survival scenarios of extreme and secluded environments to instil endurance and the ability to help others when only the bare basics are available.

Topics Included
  • Survival and emergency equipment on board
  • Survival in: polar, jungle, desert and aquatic environments
  • Dealing with infections, food rations and wild animals
  • Case study: Louis Zamperini
  • Full ditching procedures and a touchdown on water
  • Hunt, gather, build and help
  • Extreme temperatures
Regulatory Compliance

Our course closely follows the EASA regulations but is also suitable for operators complying with other standards globally.

Designed For
Cabin Crew
Flight Crew

Course Content



2 minutes
4 parts
1 questions

Purpose and Survival Equipment

12 minutes
32 parts
5 questions

Polar Survival

12 minutes
25 parts
7 questions

Jungle Survival

7 minutes
16 parts
4 questions

Desert Survival

8 minutes
16 parts
5 questions

Ditching Procedures

11 minutes
29 parts
3 questions
Certification Test

Survival training

10 minutes
20 questions
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