Radar QMS

Radar is a smart qualification management system that helps you keep track of all your staff qualifications and expirations


The all-in-one training platform

Reach all new heights with Scandlearn. No more juggling between different apps. Keep everything in one place with a single platform bringing together multiple solutions: Evolve and Radar.

Stay focused. Design, run and manage all aspects of training workflow from a single place.

Your qualifications dashboard

Enhance operations in your department and reduce everyday tasks by using a single, modern tool for skills management optimization. Notify managers and employees directly about the incoming tests. Display, view, and track all qualification transactions thanks to easy-to-use filters.

Scandlearn Qualifications Dashboard

Stay abreast of your team qualifications

Radar is a centralised hub that provides simplified management and monitoring of employee qualifications, keeping track of the learners' progress. With automated skills tracking and real-time updates and notifications, you will never miss an expired qualification again.

Reduce noise, amplify value

Radar is your single point of skills management, with a simple, foolproof GUI and only those features that are crucial to making your life easier. Our smart notifications system shuts down all noise and displays pertinent qualifications and updates to help you focus on what’s relevant.

tailored visualization

Some of us think in numbers, others prefer visuals. As visionaries of interactive learning experiences, we understand how important it is tailor content to individual preferences. With Radar, you can display all data on a timeline or as a list. Whatever your style.

unlimited access

Whether you work on your laptop or need to manage training qualifications remotely while traveling, we have this covered. Our platform works on all commonly-used operations systems and devices. Use it at the right time and place for you.

full integration

Radar can be used standalone, or together with Evolve, fully-integrated and synched. Keep your desktop uncluttered. When you’re in Evolve, stay in Evolve, and track all training qualifications directly from there.

Why Radar QMS?

Qualification customisation

Create and tailor qualification types based on your customers’ needs.

Notifications system

Monitor qualifications with a smart notifications system.

Qualification Tracking

Instantly track training qualifications from Evolve.

Centralised employee data

Optimise qualifications planning and get the full picture with all employee data in one place.


Add attachments (documents or images) to qualification transactions.


View all your staff’s qualifications in a list or timeline.

Qualification History

View and analyse the qualifications of all your staff members historically.

Call employees to action

Remind employees of important qualification renewals and training. Automatically notify them when they need to act.

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