Protocols ETR

Protocols is a smart training records system that gives you full control over all of your training records

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The all-in-one training platform

Reach all new heights with Scandlearn. No more juggling between different apps. Keep everything in one place with a single platform bringing together multiple solutions: Evolve and Radar.

Stay focused. Design, run and manage all aspects of training workflow from a single place.

Your in-person training sessions, recorded.

Conduct and record classes, line training, and flight simulations, and grade them directly in Scandlearn, all in one place.


Works offline. Scandlearn Protocols ETR is built to work offline.

So take it wherever you like, even into the skies!

Streamline staff evaluations

Get a comprehensive view of all user evaluations in a readily available app integrated with our ecosystem.

Build templates and forms

Leverage predefined templates or use a simple builder to create exactly the forms you need.

Digital sign-off

Approve exams and sign them off with a single, secure digital signature from your instructors or admins.


You’re in charge here, responsible for designing and setting up all training records and overseeing the forms:

  • Access STR via the Scandlearn Training platform. No need to download anything!
  • Easily build e-forms for training records or use pre-defined templates.
  • Review all records coming from the Instructors.
  • Enroll crew into additional training if needed.


Provide valuable input to the records by assessing tests and evaluating every user's progress:

  • Use our mobile app for iOS and Android to remain in full control of user assessment wherever you are.
  • Log in with the same credentials you use for Evolve.
  • Efficiently manage all types of record keeping tasks.
  • Review user assessments that are securely stored in the repository.

Easy Grading and Storage

When users complete a test, the Instructor can add comments at the bottom of each column and mark the test as a pass or fail. The records are transferred to the data server and become available to the entire training department.

Unlimited Possibilities with Easy Customization

Thanks to rich customization options, you can create e-forms that are ideally fit for purpose of your training. All without coding!

All Types of Record Keeping Tasks

Manage all tasks you need, including managing grading for Line Checks, Type Rating, PC, OPC, Simulator Session, LIFUS, and classroom training.


Our Training Record system is seamlessly integrated with other applications in the Evolve LMS ecosystem [link to Evolve] to provide you with a real-time perspective on each user’s progress.

Transparent Reporting for Valuable Insights

The enhanced reporting capabilities will provide you with an oversight of all records. Designed to deliver maximum clarity and visibility, our reports include all the detailed information you require.

Compliance with Regulations

Thanks to a single, secure source for all user evaluations, it is easier for you to demonstrate compliance with the industry and legal regulations.

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