Evolve LMS

Evolve LMS is a full-featured training and learning management system for aviation organisations.


The all-in-one training platform

Reach all new heights with Scandlearn. No more juggling between different apps. Keep everything in one place with a single platform bringing together multiple solutions: Evolve and Radar.

Stay focused. Design, run and manage all aspects of training workflow from a single place.

Your training dashboard

See all your staff's training and progress. Monitor learners' performance over time. Know exactly who's doing what.

Scandlearn Admin Dashboard

Get your work done, fast

Evolve is an all-in-one Learning Management System that helps you navigate your way smoothly through the daily flow of work. Seamlessly integrated with your work environment, Evolve takes care of the various factors involved in team training and management and automates all your day-to-day tasks.

Work smarter, not harder

From courses design and planning, through reminders and progress tracking, to reporting, in Evolve, you will manage all your training needs from a single place, with no external tools required. Forget about laborious setup and configuration. Work less, do more.

Plug in now and forget about paperwork

Set up our system in less than a few minutes, and add your staff in 90 seconds. Send invitations to your crew, set training dates, and forget about manual operations. Evolve relieves you of dreaded tasks with automated training scheduling, email and SMS reminders, and progress tracking integration.

Why evolve?

Clear to line up

Would you like your job to be running smoothly, with no frictions along the way? Thanks to Evolve, you can keep your workspace clean. Quickly tailor courses to your needs and assign them to learners in a few clicks. We work hard so you don't have to.

Immediate take off

Get your crew up and running in seconds, without any fuss or a complex learning curve. Gain constant access to all training and certifications, wherever you are. Evolve is a secure and hassle-free destination for all your training records.

The autopilot

Forget about painstaking manual tasks. Our system acts as autopilot, keeping your work on the right track every day. It sends out reports and notifications about the status of qualifications and reminds you to plan and prepare for the next training period.

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Invite your staff

Enroll your staff with a few clicks. No need to set up anything for them.

Quick import

Use bulk import to upload all crew members to the system at a single click of a button.

Groups + branches

Filter your learners, organize them into groups, and display at your convenience with our user-friendly grouping features.

Invite your staff

Enroll them in training

Choose predefined training content or upload, create, and publish your own training and tests and design a tailored training program. Plan, schedule, and enroll your users

Custom training

Create your own training courses for staff. Upload videos, PDFs, images, and other resources.

Enroll them in training

Track their progress

Keep track of your staff when it suits you. Leverage our reports, statistics, and leaderboards, and never worry about being out of the loop. Tracking milestones and accomplishments has never been smarter.

Staff progress

Monitor and review your staff progress with automated reporting and stats options.

Overview statistics

Display your staff progress in one place, on a clean and uncluttered dashboard.

Alerts + notifications

Forget about remembering. Use custom alerts and notifications to receive updates about relevant events.

Track their progress


Insight Overview
Insights and updates offer a quick overview of what's going on in the system. This feature includes a widget builder that allows you to customise the displayed information according to your preferences.
User Management
Users with the role of administrator, managing the backend of the system.
Individual users who get invited to join training via email.
User Status
User Status assigned to every user to mark him/her as active, inactive, retired, or deleted.
User Attributes
Attributes which can be assigned to the users to keep track of the Home Base, Aircraft Type, 3-letter code, etc.
Custom User Attributes
Custom attributes and labelling attached to particular users to facilitate their segmentation and localisation.
Groups & Teams
Segmentation of users for simple training and qualification management.
Different cost centres for user groups.
Default roles defining the scope of user permissions to display and change content (Account Owner, Administrator, Author and Learner).
Training Management
Group users according to departments. This category has been designed to ensure only people within relevant departments have access to training management features their unit is responsible for.
Set up notifications reminding users about incoming training they are enrolled in. You can send an unlimited number of reminders, with a final notification shared with the training admin or management.
Notify the users when they are enrolled in a course or their training becomes available.
Schedule initial or recurrent training, send automated invitations to selected users, and notify them when their courses become available.
Scandlearn Courseware
Get easy access to all courses offered by Scandlearn, and use simple tools for course selection, customisation, and distribution.
Default Surveys
Gain valuable insights into the users' experience with their training and collect suggestions for improvement.
Exam Rules
Create global settings for exam requirements (e.g., pass rate, question count, number of attempts) and tailor them for each exam.
Custom Training
Create custom training from your own developed courses, quizzes and exams, ending with a custom survey.
Course Management
Course Builder
Import own training content (slides, modules, courses) and start building custom courses from the bottom up by including exercises, questionnaires, and surveys.
Question Banks
Import questions in a Word and Excel compatible format and create custom question banks to be used for questionnaires and exams.
Create custom questionnaires to improve knowledge retention and prepare users for the final exam.
Create custom exams for your courses and generate certificates of completion.
Certificate Builder
Create operator-tailored certificates with custom fields, signatures, and images, and use them globally or with specific courses.
Survey Builder
Build custom surveys with different types of questions, scale-grading, free-text, multiple choice, etc.
Revision Tracking
Keep track of your own courses and ensure that each revision is traceable and available when audit comes.
Dynamic Course Status
Work with course drafts before they are set to active or retire courses that are no longer available.
View limits on storage for various subscription levels.
Progress Report
Monitor the users' performance. Receive detailed information about modules currently in use and training history of all users.
Exam Reports
Export exam reports including details such as exam status, pass rate, exam time, and many more.
Advanced Filtering
Use the advanced filtering tools to display exactly the data you need.
Data Field Selection
Build custom reports based on selected data.
Scheduled Email Reports
Schedule tailored email reports sent out at custom intervals.
Delivery Methods
Web Access
Access Scandlearn's software and training on any device (mobile, tablet, PC) via any compatible browser.
iOS App
Access training online and offline via the Scandlearn GO application available for download from the Apple App Store.
Android App
Access training online and offline via the Scandlearn GO application available for download from the Android Play Store.
Technical Compliance
SCORM Support
SCORM content support.
AICC Support
AICC content support.
REST API allowing you to exchange data with any internal system or third-party provider.
Customised API
Custom API for special integrations and data requests, allowing you to exchange any data type with any internal system or third-party provider.
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Sign in with one set of credentials, using your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

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