Our story

How Scandlearn was started

Bertil Tensing

Bertil Tensing

CEO & Founder
Johan Selin

Johan Selin

CTO & Founder
The Beginning

Our story goes back to 2000 when Captain Bertil Tensing and First Officer Johan Selin realised that there had to be a better way to learn. Back then, typical aviation training solutions kept relying on uninspiring slides, blocks of text, and low-quality images. Crew personnel had to settle for rigid timetables and onsite courses that consumed a vast amount of their precious time.

To bring flight training up to date, Bertil and Johan set up a company with the goal of instilling fun into learning and making it engaging, mobile, and scalable. Since that moment, Scandlearn has evolved to provide global businesses of all sizes with innovative learning solutions they can trust.

Meet the team behind Scandlearn

Scandlearn is built by a dedicated team of over 30 team members across 12 countries. From content producers, business and sales, marketing and product experts, we’re aiming to create an all-star team who deliver world-class content, products and customer service.

Our journey from then to now



The Scandlearn Project kicks off, back then called Scandinavian eTraining Center.


The company is registered and we sell our first CBT course to Britannia, now known as TUlfly.

Our first LMS launches as a desktop application as commercial internet was is in its early stages.

Our first Dangerous Goods course was developed in Flash.


We step up from a home office of two people to a garage company of three.


We reach 100 businesses and operators using Scandlearn and develop 25 courses in our library.


We release the second version of our LMS.


We reach 250 businesses and operators using Scandlearn.

5 employees


We invest in upgrading visual design across the board of our general subject courses.


We reach 500 businesses and operators using Scandlearn.

13 employees


S360 project starts. We start investing in the next step in immersive aviation training experiences.


We reach 53 general subject courses in our content library and start our 3D environment initiative.

29 employees


We hit almost 30 employees and continue to grow.

We deliver our first A320 type training for flight crew and cabin crew.


New branding, UI/UX on our software and applications across the board.

We’re about to celebrate 20 years in the aviation training industry and bringing all new innovation.

Today, Scandlearn is used by over 600 aviation companies from over 150 countries around the world.

Our team at Scandlearn

- I will never grow tired of Scandlearn. The collaboration with such a great team of talented individuals makes me inspired every day.
Bertil Tensing
Bertil Tensing CEO & Founder
Bertil Tensing
Johan Selin
Charlotte. S
Per Göran H
William S
Walter T.
Robin S.
Emelie S. L.
Chris B.
Lukas M.
Vijay C.
Hayley C.
Tore B. v. O
Victor C.
Ondrej S.
Carl N.
Carl B.
Peter D.

Our Vision

At Scandlearn, we deliver innovative aviation training with your goals on our mind. That’s why customers love Scandlearn, as we bring them closer to their dreams.

Our goal is simple, by using an inventive didactic approach fused with ingenious design, we facilitate the distribution and maintenance of aviation training to any size of business ‘To make smarter training accessible to all”.


Our Mission

Scandlearn strives to create a world-class training experience & end-user experience. We are committed to providing an easily scalable, lightning-fast, compliant and a reliable ecosystem to help deliver and manage corporate training. As the e-learning industry and our users evolve, we evolve – and we aim to keep it that way.

Our Core Values



At the core of Scandlearn’s training products, there’s always the Learner. You.



We’re determined to make learning fun again and provide you with captivating training products and solutions that will keep you involved.



Through our continued efforts to innovate training management and learning methods, we stress the importance of professional training and certification.

You’re in good company.

Scandlearn powers training for over 600+ enterprises around the globe.