Dangerous Goods (DG) No Carry

General Subjects

7 modules

2 hours 34 min

Absolute safety and security are crucial when dealing with hazardous goods. Scandlearn’s detailed Dangerous Goods (No Carry) course has been upgraded and animated to give the content real impact and energy so that the flight crew is fully prepared to prevent dangerous goods disasters.

Dangerous goods range from the obvious, such as chemicals and weapons, to the seemingly harmless such as matches. If certain goods are handled inappropriately, or badly packed, they can react during air transportation. Every employee needs to be aware of the nature of such goods, their potential for causing harm, and how they should be dealt with. When your operators carry dangerous goods, this course must be performed as repeat training for staff members as appropriate.

Topics Included
  • UN, ICAO
  • Shipping and documentation
  • UN number and IMP codes
  • List of articles and substances
  • Load planner’s responsibilities
  • Hazard label and Handling label
  • Summary of ”NOTOC”
  • The Orange book, IATA-DGR
  • Divisions and sub-divisions
  • Crew training
  • Nine classes of dangerous goods
  • Markings required
  • Packing
  • Responsibility of The National Board of Civil Aviation and its organization
Regulatory Compliance

Our course closely follows the EASA regulations but is also suitable for operators complying with other standards globally.

Designed For
Cabin Crew
Flight Crew
Ground Crew
Handling Personnel

Course Content


Dangerous Goods Welcome VIDEO

15 minutes
1 parts

General Philosophy

19 minutes
29 parts
15 questions


16 minutes
19 parts
12 questions

Labelling and markings

17 minutes
21 parts
12 questions

Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods

15 minutes
22 parts
13 questions

Provisions for passenger and crew

41 minutes
73 parts
18 questions

Emergency procedures

18 minutes
30 parts
12 questions
Certification Test

Dangerous Goods (DG) No Carry

15 minutes
30 questions
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